We Craft

Creative responses to your specific needs based on open and honest relationships.

We Craft

Creative responses to your specific needs based on open and honest relationships.

Over a decade ago, we founded Wide Open Air with the goal of creating meaningful experiences that connect people, no matter the context because projects are about more than solidifying a brand or envisioning solutions. We like working with brands, but we prefer working with people. That’s why we seek collaborators and not simply clients, because we believe that strong relationships are the foundation of any good creative work.

We’re a full service agency which means we’ve got you covered from strategic design & content right through to digital. We can accomplish a wide variety of goals because we have assembled a diverse, talented team. We love making cool things, and we have enjoyed building a team of folks who feel the same way.

What Clients Say About Us

It is easy to work with Wide Open Air. I love the creativity they put into every project. They have a vision for the way a web page, logo or layout of a book should be that I have not seen anywhere else. They are passionate about their work and making sure they deliver a superb product to their clients. The folks at Wide Open Air listen to your ideas and transform them into something so much more than you can imagine.
Bronwyn Swartz
Edward Jones

Explore Our Process

Businesses run on processes, checklists and tasks; creative work is no different. While some folks will try to sell you on strange ideas about the magical way creativity takes place, we know it’s not so mystical. Our work is based on a tried-and-true methodology that allows us to know we are on the path to great ideas and lets out clients know where we are in the timeline.

It makes every project more enjoyable and less stressful for everyone involved.



We approach our first phase with clear motives: to discover the direction that should be taken. Often it is difficult to separate yourself from pre-conceived ideas for the visual form your logo or site may take, but we know that a curious and open mind is the best first step in any creative project. This stage allows us to make sure we are both sure that the directions forward are the best.

Our design facilitation framework is built upon design thinking standards developed by companies like IBM and IDEO over the last 20+ years. From this framework, we are able to exchange all the information necessary to understand your goals, your prospective clients, their needs, and the best path forward.



Our second phase begins with translating the lessons we learned during discovery into a visual vocabulary that anyone can understand. During Ideation we connect needs to a visual style, enhancing the ability of our design to deeply connect to your clients and prospective customers.

During this phase we make sure that everyone is on the same page with the type of elements that should be a part of your brand, website or other collateral. If both parties are honest and transparent in this phase, then it is very easy for there to be a clear direction moving into the design part of the process.



If the first two phases are done properly, the third phase becomes extremely easy. Using the direction and visual vocabulary developed in the Ideation phase, we execute a predetermined number of comps we deliver to you for final review and feedback. This begins with sketches and ends with mock ups showing how your deliverable will live in the real world. And don’t worry: you’ll have plenty of chances to provide feedback along the way!

For most clients, this is the phase that seems the most secretive. But we don’t work that way. It’s not a secret what we are doing, it’s just that it takes some serious time to make all the pieces line up for the brand, website or product you desire. 



We have all done our jobs, we have listened and been open and honest, so this phase is more about anticipation than edits. You’ll still be able to provide feedback during the Execution phase, but the majority of the work will have been developed (and agreed upon!) by this point. At the end of this phase, you will be given final deliverables ready to be given to clients for printing, uploading, distribution or use online. We want everything to be smooth and clear, so we make sure you have everything you need–and even some things you don’t know you need yet. 

Additionally, it is incredibly helpful to set aside an hour of time at the conclusion of the project to wrap things up. We are always trying to improve what we offer and how we serve our clients, so we want to hear how we did. And besides, it always nice to chat once there is no more work to be done. We’re real people, too!

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What Clients Say About Us

Working with Wide Open Air was a pleasure from beginning to end. Aside from being hugely knowledgable and efficient creatives with a vision for effective communication and impact, they are transparent, cooperative, generous and an all-round great organization to work with, even across continents. They quickly took on board our organization’s message and mission, and were even able to come up with some ideas to present core elements of our work in an innovative way, giving us the fresh perspective we needed. I can’t recommend Wide Open Air highly enough!
Claire Baker
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What Clients Say About Us

Wide Open Air has a highly intelligent, detail-oriented and creative team. Their knowledge of marketing strategies and techniques were instrumental in the growth of companies I have led. The agency has a wealth of knowledge on inbound and outbound marketing. Wide Open Air’s best trait is their ability to tailor their approach to each company’s needs in order to get results. I truly enjoy working with Wide Open Air, and I have learned a lot from them about how to successfully market a company.
Fred McGhee II